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Why new H2 refueling stations?

Hydrogen is now broadly acknowledged as a must-have zero emission fuel by the EU and Californian regulators (our key markets); Besides, Green Hydrogen is the favored pathway for taxi services, heavy duty vehicles and intensive last mile delivery services to a low carbon future. However, existing H2 refueling stations (HRS) have a very slow rollout, limiting uptake of the zero-emission fuel.  This slow rollout is mainly due to the trend to try and replicate existing refueling infrastructure with large, complex stations which have proved costly and can take years to permit, develop and deploy.

Enhywhere designs refueling stations to fill the gap in the market and alleviate the industry’s pain point.  Enhywhere offers competitive, all-inclusive hydrogen supply and fueling solutions for all applications requiring access to a green fuel.


Enhywhere breadth of Solutions

Enhywhere designs refueling stations adapted to the market maturity with the ambition to help customers Discover, Experience and then Scale in hydrogen mobility. Each solution encompasses a physical equipment and its digital app offering end users a positive experience to smooth their fueling journey. 

Enhywhere differentiates itself by its willingness to innovate with regard to technology, product and services combined with the unwavering motive of reduction in green hydrogen fuel cost.

Enhywhere solutions can be articulated through space and time to accelerate the roll-out of stations to make hydrogen fuel availability no longer considered to be a limiting factor to the decarbonisation of mobility.

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Adapted to the maturity of the market

Cost effective

Easy to deploy

Smart / connected


Hydrogen for any application

Enhywhere refueling stations are capable of serving both 350 and 700bar to address the current needs, e.g. light duty vehicles, commercial fleets, trucks, buses but also off-road vehicles, small aircraft and ship.

The stations can be deployed almost anywhere, at the end user’s location, at a bus depot, on a pier. Their compactness enables their insertion in dense urban areas as well as at an existing retail station. Their autonomy offers the possibility of deployment in rural areas with access to tap water and the low voltage grid without the need for staff on site.

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